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Looking for insurance

Your employees need healthcare coverage. You need an affordable plan with a company you know and trust. Health Advantage is just what you are looking for in a health plan.

Healthcare plans for everyone

We offer employers a way to help control healthcare costs while continuing to offer quality coverage to their employees. Each of our affordable, flexible plan options include broad access to doctors and hospitals in all 50 states and unmatched customer service, helping attract and keep valuable employees.

The leader in Arkansas

Employers, just like you, have trusted Health Advantage for more than 60 years. They know with the Health Advantage card in hand, they are protecting the health and finances of their employees. More doctors, more Americans, more Arkansans choose us when they have a choice. You can rest easy knowing Health Advantage is on your side.

The bottom line

As an employer, you have to find the best plan at a competitive price. We can help. Our options not only give you and your employees affordable coverage, we also are working with doctors and hospitals throughout the state to create innovative programs and services to save you money and keep your employees healthy.

More doctors and hospitals

Your employees have access to doctors, hospitals and healthcare facilities in all 50 states. They will receive discounted rates when using a doctor in one of our networks. And, if your employees are traveling or living out of state, no problem. We have a comprehensive network across the country.

Right there with you

With ArkansasBlue welcome centers across the state, we live where you live. We are your neighbors. Call us or stop by one of our welcome centers for personal attention, so you can stay focused on your business.

Healthy and happy employees

Good health starts with living well. The more your employees know about living well, the easier it is for them to stay healthy and for you to save money. That's why there are a variety of easy-to-use wellness resources available. From health programs to online support tools, we are here to help your employees make smart — and healthy — choices.