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Medical plans

PPO Plans

Our PPO (preferred provider organization) plan is our most popular health plan. Employers choose the PPO plan because it's affordable, it offers flexibility when it comes to benefit design, and it provides access to a broad network of doctors and healthcare facilities in our best-in-class True Blue PPO network.

High-Deductible Health Plans

Our high-deductible health plans create more responsible and empowered employees who are then motivated to spend their healthcare dollars wisely while allowing employers to decide up front how much they want to spend on healthcare.

Health Advantage offers qualified high deductible health plans that can be used in conjunction with a Health Savings Account (HSA) to provide coverage for medical services. Our HSA customers have access to the same discounted networks as our PPO and POS customers. Our high-touch service model means that we provide educational resources to help your employees understand how to use these health plans.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

As a tax-exempt, interest-earning account, your employees can use their HSA to save and pay for healthcare costs, like deductibles, coinsurance or dental care. Combined with a number of federally-qualified high-deductible health plans and your tax-deductible contributions, HSAs are an affordable and flexible way to offer security.

Advantages for employees include:

  • Opportunities to save for future medical expenses on a tax-advantaged basis.
  • Contributions can be made tax free through payroll deduction.
  • Funds can be used for current medical expenses or saved for future needs.
  • Portable accounts that can be kept through job change or loss or a change in medical coverage.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)

An HRA is an employer-funded account to cover an employee’s eligible medical expenses. The HRA provides greater flexibility in plan design and employer control. Employees have the freedom to determine how and when their healthcare dollars are used providing an incentive to become informed and responsible employees.

Advantages include:

  • Funds contributed are deductible by the employer.
  • Funds contributed are tax-exempt to the employee.
  • Unused funds can be rolled over by the employee and carryover amounts limited by employer.
  • The employer can limit portability.
  • The employer can limit HRA services to those services covered under their traditional health plans.