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Getting started

Having a health insurance policy is a smart move in protecting your future. You know that your health matters today, not just in the distant weeks and years. This site will help you:

  • Understand your ID card
  • Know how to get care
  • Create an online account to get more details about your policy and claims

Take a look. We make it simple. Resources are just a phone call or mouse click away. Simply explore this website and take advantage of all we have to offer to you.

Your Member ID Card

How to use your member card

Learn more about your ID Card

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Member ID Number

Helps us identify who you are, the type of plan you have and how your claims are paid


Group Number

Used to check your plan’s benefits


RX Categories

Used by the pharmacy to determine what’s covered, apply your discount and file your claims



How much you pay for a doctor visit, depending on the type



How much of your medical bill you must pay after meeting your deductible


RX Copay

How much you pay for your prescriptions depending on their type



How much you pay for medical expenses before the health plan begins to pay for some covered services


Type Of Plan

Lets us know what kind of coverage you have



Represents access to national BlueCard® network (see Find Medical Care Quickly for more information)

Disclaimer: Your card may look slightly different or have different information.

Your member ID card is your ticket to healthcare

You will receive your member ID card after enrollment. Think of your member ID card as your ticket to quality healthcare. You'll want to carry it with you when seeking care so you and the healthcare provider can see what healthcare coverage you have. You'll need your member ID card any time you visit a:

  • Doctor
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Anywhere you get health services
View an example ID card

Coverage start date

Your member ID card should come to you in the mail attached to another piece of paper. That paper is worth keeping, too - it will have the coverage start date of your policy. The coverage start date is the day you can begin using your insurance to see your doctor and get prescriptions filled. Your plan does not cover any medical or pharmacy costs until the coverage start state of your policy.

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How to use your member card

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