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The Advantage Equals More

Health Advantage is the product of a collaboration between two of the most trusted names in coverage and care: Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Baptist Health.

Together, we’re changing health coverage and care for the better. Our combined strengths create exceptional health value and an unmatched experience – for employers and their employees. It’s a payer-provider relationship like you’ve never seen – and your health is its sole focus.

Quality, cost control, access, simplicity
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Partnering for Your Peace of Mind

From exceptional care ... to proactive wellness services ... to easy-to-navigate coverage, Health Advantage changes the lives of members through unmatched quality, cost control, access and simplicity.

The Best of the Most Trusted Care


The Patient-Centered Medical Homes

A patient-centered medical home PCMH is a primary care team that develops a master plan for a member's health – from yearly checkups to managing chronic conditions to working with other specialists, if needed. The patient is at the center of the care universe. These teams look at the patient as a "whole person," coordinating services to address all the factors that can affect their ehealth. A PCMH creates a more positive, empowering healthcare experience for members, their families and providers.

Diabetes Control

The Health Advantage Diabetes Control Program is unique. This program merges expert care teams, diabetes tools and the latest technology to support members in every step of their diabetes journey. Each member has their own care team of certified diabetes educators, coaches and diabetes specialists to guide them along the way. Each member receives ongoing encouragement and guidance from their personal care team, free diabetes supplies, tele-endocrinology services and more.

Chronic Care Advocates

A chronic care advocate works to simplify the lives of those with more complicated health needs by managing their care, coordinating services among providers and ensuring an effective treatment plan is being followed. Each member of Health Advantage has the option to work with their own personal chronic care advocate, and benefit from the unparalleled peace of mind that comes from having a trusted ally in their healthcare journey.

High-Performance Network

Central Arkansas Only

The Health Advantage high-performance network, also known as FocusCare, is made up of physicians who have met rigorous quality standards. Through FocusCare, each provider's focus is on the member's best health plan. Providers focus on providing high-value care and tailoring an individualized plan to fit each member's unique health status and goals.

Available to large self-funded groups only.

The Full Value of Health


The Lowest Price Point

Health Advantage offers the best value in healthcare for both members and employers. By working closely with providers, we’re always looking for ways to streamline spending, and invest in cost-effective, quality healthcare. Through affordable coverage and care, our members are empowered to seek treatment when they’re sick and wellness services when they’re healthy.

Value-Based Reimbursement

Central Arkansas Only

Thinking ahead in support of a sustainable health system, we're building a new model that rewards physicians for providing high-value care and discourages low-value practices that drive up costs and don't improve health. Health Advantage is engaging providers to help us define an outcomes-centered approach to reimbursement that will help ensure quality, effective and efficient care for your employees and more affordability for you as an employer.

Available to large self-funded groups only.

Active Plan Management and an Enhanced Service Model

At Health Advantage, we’re always working to make our plans more innovative, more progressive and more effective. Each month, our team of health plan management experts – including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, financial analysts and more – meet to make sure each of our groups is getting the most out of their plans.

Available to large self-funded groups only.

Care When It's Needed, Where It's Needed


The Largest Provider Network

With more than 19,000 statewide providers, including more than 800 Baptist Health providers, Health Advantage members have access to the largest network of participating providers in Arkansas, as well as a national network of providers to care for them, should they need emergency care while traveling.

"At-Your-Service" Physician Support Program

Members who require highly specialized care can have a hard time finding the right physician and services – but not with Health Advantage! Our “At-Your-Service” Physician Support Program helps our members find the care they need locally, and connect them with renowned specialists.

Coverage and Care Kept Simple


All Inclusive Copay

Receiving healthcare services can be a complex financial situation. Many patients are never provided with a total cost for their treatment, and are often billed by multiple providers, resulting in unforeseen costs and uncertainty. Our All-Inclusive Copay is crystal clear. Members pay one amount per health episode ... and they're done. Multiple bills – gone. Deductibles – history. Coinsurance – nada. Clean. Simple. Easy.

Available to large self-funded groups only.

Simpler Plan Designs

Thanks to simplified payment structures and low out-of-pocket costs for everyday care, Health Advantage members can use their coverage with the confidence that comes from complete understanding of their deductible, coinsurance and copays.

Already a Health Advantage Customer?

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A Plan Built on Collaboration

The relationship between Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Baptist Health allows for unprecedented payer-provider collaboration that enables Health Advantage to create simple, more effective and more progressive coverage and care.

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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, a not-for-profit mutual insurance company, is the largest health insurer in the state accepted by more doctors than any Arkansas health plan, and has helped employers offer exceptional plans for more than 70 years through reliable, affordable coverage and an expansive suite of health management tools and resources.

With more than 200 points of access including 11 hospitals, Baptist Health is the most comprehensive healthcare system and largest not-for-profit healthcare organization in Arkansas. Through high-quality care and health education, Baptist Health delivers unmatched care and builds healthier communities.

The state’s largest health maintenance organization, Health Advantage serves more than 225,000 members in every county of Arkansas, and has hundreds of access points from health systems across the state.