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Fully insured medical plans

51+ employees

Health Advantage

Health Advantage is an opportunity for companies across Arkansas to find even greater discounts through our HMO network.

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Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Arkansas Blue Cross has a perfect fit for your fully insured group, and we’re available to help you build the right benefits package for your business. All our health plan options meet the requirements mandated by the Affordable Care Act and offer the highest level of benefits to your employees when they seek care from any doctor or hospital in our network.

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Plan Features

Prescription drug coverage

The Health Advantage Pharmacy program strives to keep healthcare costs low by improving employee health outcomes and using proven cost control measures.

  • Nationwide network – With the CVS Health National Network, your employees have access to more than 68,000 pharmacies across the country.
  • A formulary that fits – Our comprehensive formulary is designed to help your employees improve their health while keeping your costs low.
  • Effective cost control – Our Step Therapy program helps members try safe, cost-effective generic medication instead of more costly, brand name medication. And our Specialty Guideline Management program uses a rigorous, evidence-based prior approval process to reduce unnecessary specialty drug costs.

Health management

Our Health Management programs are designed to improve your employees’ whole health.

  • Case management – Our wholistic approach to case management helps employees navigate the healthcare system and make the most of their benefits.
  • Chronic condition management – RN specialists provide tools and resources to eligible employees with high-risk conditions, such as diabetes and congestive heart failure, to help them achieve their healthy ambitions.
  • Diabetes care – Your employees with type 2 diabetes can access tools, coaching and clinical support to take control of their diabetes and improve their health.
  • Behavioral health – With 24/7 access to licensed clinicians, your employees get the help they need to understand their behavioral health needs, locate in-network providers, and connect with support groups in their community.