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Drug Pricing

Pharmacy benefits are administered through the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Pharmacy Program, which eliminates paper claim forms and employs the latest technology for electronic pharmacy claims processing. When you fill your prescription at a participating pharmacy, the Pharmacy Program computer network instantly alerts the pharmacist to the following:

  • Any potential harmful interaction of the medication about to be dispensed with any other medication that the patient may already be taking.
  • Whether this medication may duplicate another medication the patient is taking.
  • Whether the prescribed dosage or strength is appropriate for the age of the patient.

These features help you save money and promote good health and safety.

Three-Tier Medications Formulary

The Three-Tier Formulary is a listing of covered medications and the corresponding copayment tier under which the medication is listed. The specific dollar amount of copayment for each medication will vary depending upon your policy benefits, but the tier assignment for the medication will be the same for all members. In general, the three copayment levels are:

First tier: Almost all generic medications (lowest copayment of all tiers)

Second tier: Preferred brand-name medications and other lower-cost, brand-name medications (mid-level copayment)

Third tier: High-cost medications or medications classified as nonpreferred (highest level of copayment)