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Routine care with Health Advantage

33% of ER visits are not medically serious

Choose your own doctor

A family doctor will help you stay healthy and get the care you need. This doctor, also called your primary care physician (PCP), should be the first person you see when you're not feeling well. As a member, you can choose from more doctors in the state that you can with any other health plan, so finding a family doctor is easy.

Why do you need a family doctor?

A family doctor plays an important role in your family's health.

Your doctor will:

  • Get to know your health history
  • Help you get screenings, medications and follow-up care
  • Be familiar with you, and because you've seen this doctor before, it will be easier to make future appointments

3 reasons to see your family doctor and skip the emergency room

For non-emergencies, you'll benefit from seeing your PCP.

Your doctor knows you

Your primary care physician knows your health history, which makes him or her the best physician to understand the whole picture and spot reoccurring health issues.

No wait time

In the ER, you have to wait until those with more serious issues are taken care of, plus those who arrived before you. When you visit your doctor, you'll have a set appointment time.

Fewer forms to fill out

Your doctor has you insurance, pharmacy, allergies, medication and medical records all on file. All you need to do is make the appointment.