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Communication channels just for you

We offer several ways for you to get information. Choose the methods that suit you best.

Manage your plan 24/7 online

If you like to be hands-on and monitor your account, we have the place for you. Blueprint Portal is a secure, online self-service center where you can conveniently manage your policy. After you register, you’ll be able to:

  • View claims details and timeline to see when it’s processed
  • Rate your doctor
  • Estimate the cost of medical services
  • Monitor your deductible and healthcare spending
  • Order new ID cards
  • Review your personal health history
  • Enroll in identity protection
  • And much more

To register

You'll need your member ID number located on your member ID card.

  1. Select "Sign In" (top right of screen)
  2. Then select the "Register" link to get started.
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OR download and register through our mobile app, available on the App Store TM and Google Play TM store

Call us at 800-843-1329 if you have any questions. We'll help you through it.

Sign up for mobile messaging

Receive text alerts through Health Advantage Wire®, a secure messaging platform that sends personalized notifications to your smartphone. Get connected by calling 844-779-8818 or enrolling through the "Profile" section of  Blueprint Portal

Reach out for resources

You may be eligible for resources to help you manage existing conditions or identify issues. Take advantage of all the benefits your plan has to offer, which may include:

Case management

Work with a case manager to develop a healthcare strategy with your doctor. Go to Case Management or call 800-843-1329.


Speak with a registered nurse 24/7 to help you make informed healthcare choices. Go to Nurse24 or call 800-318-2384.

Health education & disease management plans

Speak with a registered nurse and receive valuable information through the mail about chronic condition management, healthy pregnancy, and building a healthier lifestyle. Go to health education programs or call 800-686-2609.