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Providers' News

Find updates on the latest policies and procedures for providers.

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Coverage policy and pre-certification/pre-authorization

Coverage policy and pre-certification/pre-authorization information for out-of-area members.

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Medical benefits covered by your patient's health plan

A summary of your patient's medical benefits based on his or her participation with a specific plan.

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Prior approval information for medical oncology drugs

Information for providers on requesting prior approval for medical oncology drugs.

Learn more about prior approval information for medical oncology drugs

Prior approval information for step therapy protocol exception

Information for providers on an exception request process for drugs identified by the health plan as subject to step therapy.

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Prior approval information for radiological services

Information to assist providers in filing claims, referral requests and other services.

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Referral reminder

Forms for referring patients to specialists or other providers.

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Personal Health Record (PHR)

A confidential, electronic medical record with information available from medical claims and testing, along with information provided by the patient.

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Medicare plans

Learn more about providing care for Medicare members.

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